Thursday, October 8, 2015

Father of Nicholas Figueroa, East Village earlier.

Mr. Figueroa placed a Statue of Mary and a keepsake box at the memorial for his son at 121 Second Avenue in the East Village, the site of the gas explosion and fire which killed his son. We helped him by passing materials through the fence. We were heartbroken as we spoke with Nicholas' mother who told us that she was glad that we were documenting the moment as she didn't want anyone to forget the tragedy. Their emotions of anger and loss are still understandably very raw and intense. She told us to this date, that no charges have yet been filed in her son's death.

"#SaveNYC: Preserving the Fabric of New York City's Vanishing Streetscape" presented at the 2015 MAS Summit Meeting

"#SaveNYC: Preserving the Fabric of New York City's Vanishing Streetscape" presented at the 2015 MAS Summit Meeting
Thursday, October 22 • 11:00am
Words by Jeremiah Moss - Photography by James and Karla Murray
Jeremiah Moss, Vanishing New York blogger and founder of #SaveNYC, will narrate a pre-recorded piece about the recent history of New York City, suggesting a death by hyper-gentrification via the loss of key small businesses and cultural touchstones. Alongside startling before-and-after streetscape photographs by James and Karla Murray, Moss will make a case for halting what is happening to the city and then outline how it can be saved.;&sidebar=no&bg=no

C&N Everything Store in the Morrisania neighborhood of the ‪#‎Bronx‬ was founded by Cobert and Novil Seward in 1956.

This amazing ‪#‎store‬ which sadly is no longer in business literally sold everything but the kitchen sink. When we interviews the owner Novil in 2003 she told us that they "sell everything from candy to pipe-fittings". The narrow aisles were packed with so much merchandise that we had to turn sideways to make our way through them. There were even items hanging from the ceiling! We will miss this great ‪#‎storefront‬ with its ‪#‎handpainted‬ ‪#‎sign‬. This photo and full interview appear in our book "Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York".

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Papaya King on Seventh Avenue and West 14th Street was in business until 2009.

The original Papaya King location on the Upper East Side was founded in 1932 by Constantine Poulos. Constantine "Gus" Poulos created Papaya King after falling in love with a papaya drink while on vacation in Cuba. The Poulos family operated the business for 68 years before it was sold to investors but the Original location on 86th and 3rd Avenue is still open (although it was remodeled in 2010. We loved this #neon #signage which was a replica of the original location's #neonsign which was installed in the 1960s.A night version and full interview appears in our book NEW YORK NIGHTS.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hudson getting blessed.

St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery annual Blessing of the Animals, East Village, earlier...

Wash & Dry in Brooklyn

We love this ‪#‎handpainted‬ ‪#‎sign‬ complete with Disney-esque Mickey Mouse characters.